This isn’t a usual list of “top 10 plugins you’ll need…” or “most popular WordPress plugins…”, this is a list of my favorite WordPress plugins – you may or may not need these plugins in your site. However, I’d recommend checking them all since they’re tools to solve some tricky problems. I’m using them all on my personal (this) site.

So, here’s the list with the first being the Revive Old Posts plugin:

1) Revive Old Posts

What do you do when you publish a new post? You’ll probably send some newsletters, post to social media, announcement kinds of stuff, and so on. But, the old posts don’t get much attention like the new posts. “Revive Old Posts” is a useful plugin to automatically post old posts on social media like Facebook Pages, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. The setup is quite straightforward as well. Just connect your social media accounts and “Revive Old Posts” starts scheduling your old posts.

Some of the notable features are you can set the time interval between the shares, customize the caption, link, custom field, see the logs, sharing queue, etc. You can also enable Google Analytics tracking, instant sharing on post publish, update, etc.

2) Say What?

Say What? is a simple plugin to modify any string (word) in your site without modifying the plugin or WordPress core files. For example: replace the word “cat” in your site with “mat”. However, this isn’t as straightforward as you’ll like. You’ll need to enter a text-domain of the plugin to modify the string. For example the text domain of Say What? plugin is “say-what”. The text domain can usually be found in the plugin’s main file. For example woocommerce/woocommerce.php file.

3) How Many Posts?

Do you know how many posts are published by your writers per week on your site? How Many Posts? plugin sends you an automatic email notification to the administrator of the site about the number of posts published this past week. The plugin is very straightforward. Just install and activate the plugin, it will get it’s job done. The plugin is also simple and does not bloat your site as it does one simple job – sends an email to administrators weekly. Here’s the announcement blog I wrote about the plugin.

4) WP ULike

WP ULike plugin allows your readers to interact with the contents of your site. The plugin adds a like, dislike (feedback) button at the end of the post for the readers to provide feedback on the post. Not everyone likes to comment down. I like to just “thumbs up” the post. This is also a marketing toolkit because it provides statistics on the number of likes/dislikes on the posts so that you can focus on the most liked content and improve the disliked content. The free version of WP ULike only allows you to add like, if you’d like to add dislike and get access to all other features and templates, consider upgrading to WP ULike Pro.

5) WP Dark Mode

I’d like to think that dark mode should be available on all websites and apps by default. WP Dark Mode plugin allows you to add the dark mode feature on your WordPress site. The free version of the WP Dark Mode plugin is already stable and does its job. However, if you’d like to get access to all features including the customization, consider upgrading to WP Dark Mode Pro. Some of the cool features of the plugin are you can automate dark mode based on timezone and OS. Set up dark mode and take care of your visitor’s eyes.

6) Instant Indexing For Google

How long does it take for your content to be indexed by Google? Google index is the first step to getting organic traffic on your content. Indexing may take up to weeks or months depending on the frequency of blogs posted. It’s important to get your content indexed instantly before it gets too late or outdated. Instant Indexing For Google plugin allows you to instantly crawl and index your new content. The plugin uses Google Indexing API.

Note: Google recommends that you use the Indexing API ONLY for Job Posting and Live Streaming websites. However, it works on any type of website and many of our users have seen great results already. Please proceed with caution.

The others that come to my list are:

That’s all from me. If you know of some other cool plugins or tools, comment down.

Some of my favorite WordPress plugins that are really helpful
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