WordPress 5.9 scheduled to release in late January will come with a powerful feature of full-site editing. Full site editing will enhance the experience of using WordPress to build sites. WordPress will be even easier than ever before.

Introduction To Full Site Editing

Similar to editing the posts/pages in the block editor. Full site editing allows editing the full site with the block editor. You can edit the block, templates, global styles, theme itself from the block editor. Global styles can change the overall appearance of your site. The color, background color, font, typography, size, etc. Set the styles for specific blocks or full sites. It revolutionized the way of using themes. The option to fully edit the site will appear under the Appearance menu, the Editor option.

The plugin and themes files editor options are moved under the Tools menu in the Twenty-Twenty Two theme.

Full Site Editing Example Screenshot

Full site editing example

Block Themes

Block Theme is required for a full-site editing option. Twenty-Twenty Two is the block theme that will be available with WordPress 5.9. If you’re a theme developer, WordPress has detailed guidelines on creating a block theme to help theme developers transition to full site editing. The old classical themes will still remain functional with WordPress 5.9. It’s now recommended to get started with building block themes.

With a block theme, you utilize blocks everywhere to create a site in WordPress. New blocks, template editors, global styles, etc. are part of the block themes.


To summarize, the full site editing will change the experience of creating a WordPress site by allowing to directly edit everything with a block editor. Basically,

  • Edit the site header
  • Edit the navigation menus
  • Edit the site contents
  • Edit the site footer

all from within the block editor.

A look at a full site editing in WordPress
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