Would you like to get an email notification when you content gets a like? The plugin WP ULike allows you to add a like button on every post or comment on your site, also on BuddyPress activity, bbPress topic, WooCommerce products. It is simple yet powerful tool with so many designs and templates for the like and dislike buttons.

The Email Notifications For WP ULike plugin is an extension to boost the features of WP ULike. It notifies the post author via an email about the likes on their post or comment. How cool!


1) Go to Plugins > Add New > Search.

2) Search for “Email Notifications For WP ULike“.

3) Install and activate both WP ULIke and Email Notifications For WP ULike.

4) Go to WPULike > Configuration > Email Notifications, customize the emails then Save Changes.


  1. Enable Notifications on posts LIKES: Email Notification sent to post author when the post gets a LIKE. Enabled, by default.

  2. Email Subject For post LIKES: Subject of the email sent when the post gets a LIKE.

  3. Email Message for post LIKES: Email message of the email sent when the post gets a LIKE.

  4. Do not send email to specific author or post: Accepts the author email, Post ID, or Post URL, separated by comma.

    Example format: info@example.com, 56, https://example.com/blog-post

Do not send settings

Weekly Summary

Weekly email summary settings

Weekly summary email is a super helpful feature to get insights on how your articles are performing in terms of LIKES. So, you can focus on the content that is liked the most. Know your content better, now.

Here’s how the weekly summary email looks like:

Weekly summary email sample for WP ULike emails

Milestones Emails 🏆

You can also send an email when the Post or Comment reaches a milestone of LIKES. By default, the milestone number is 50, but you can set any milestone number. This section has similar options to the Post or Comments LIKE section above.

Milestone settings for WP ULike emails

Customize the emails

Fully customize the email template of WP ULike emails. The options in the settings include:

  • Enable HTML Email: An email can be sent in an HTML or plain text. For best experience, enable the HTML email. However, plain text emails are optimal for email deliverability.
  • Background Color: Choose the background color of the email to match your brand.
  • Border Color: Choose the border color. Default is none (white).

The email template as a whole can also be fully customized by modifying the template file. Learn how to edit the template file.

Customize the WP ULike email template

Send Emails Asynchronously

Send emails asynchronously

Sending emails asynchronously helps to process faster. When the like button is pressed, the emails are sent in the background making the processing faster and reducing the loading time. This feature is turned off by default, however, I recommend turning on this option for your site optimization. Asynchronous email sending can delay the email for low-traffic sites because the emails are only sent in the background on the next page load.

Smart Tags

You can write some cool smart tags in the Email Message as follows:

  1. {post_title} – The title of the liked post.
  2. {total_post_likes} – The total likes of the liked post.
  3. {post_link} – The URL of the liked post.
  4. {total_comment_likes} – The total likes of the liked comment.
  5. {comment} – The liked comment message.
  6. {post/comment} – Is it the post or comment getting a LIKE.
  7. {title} – The post or comment title.
  8. {milestone} – The milestone number of LIKES you configured.

    want more tags? Have suggestions? Reach out.

That’s it with the configuration.

Every post will include a LIKE button. Feel your user’s love on your articles and get notified about that.

Example of WP ULike

The free version of WP ULike plugin only allows you to add a like button. However, if you’d like to add a dislike button and many other advanced features, consider purchasing WP ULike Pro.

You (the post author) will get an email notification when users LIKE your post. Not getting email notifications? Setup the SMTP plugin.

Did you know? You can see who is currently online in your WordPress site!

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Get an email notification when your article gets a LIKE!
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