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Would you like to customize the emails sent by Email Notifications For WP ULike plugin? The plugin sends emails under various conditions:

  • Whenever a post or comment gets a LIKE.
  • Whenever a post or comment reaches a milestone of LIKES.
  • Weekely summary emails on how the contents are performing in terms of LIKES.

The email template sent by the plugin can be fully customized on your own. The template file is located at wp-content/plugins/email-notifications-for-wp-ulike/templates/email.php


  1. Copy the email.php file.
  2. Go to your theme folder (preferbly child theme)
  3. Create a folder ’email-notification-for-wp-ulike’
  4. Paste the copied email.php inside the folder.

So, the file would be located at your-child-theme/email-notifications-for-wp-ulike/email.php

Now, the email.php file can be fully customized on your own.

You can find the free HTML email templates online and paste their HTML into your email.php file

Do you want to learn more about creating simple responsive email templates? I’d suggest checking out this project.

Did you know? You can add dislike button and get many more features with WP ULike Pro.

I hope you found this helpful!

Customize the email template for WP ULike emails
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