Users’ inactivity is a fact of life. Most people register on your site and never come back! So, this article is about bringing inactive users back to your site with a Come Back! WordPress plugin.

The plugin allows you to create a special re-arrangement email to send to the inactive users on your site. inactivity is based on logging in and you can set the inactive days to send emails. By default, the plugin sends an automatic email if the user is not logged in for 90 days on your site.

Inactive Users:

The inactivity of the users is based on logging in. If the user hasn’t been logged in to your site within the defined period, the plugin automatically sends the email. You do not need to manually send the email.

You can see the user’s activity right on your Users page in the dashboard by using the WPForce Logout plugin. The plugin shows the last login, currently online and the users that never logged into your site. They just registered and disappeared.


  1. Download the plugin from the

  2. Upload the downloaded plugin zip filein your site. Go to your site dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

  3. Activate the plugin

  4. That’t it.

The plugin automatically works with its default settings. If you’d like to customize the settings, go to Settings > Come Back!


  1. Inactivity Period: Send email notifications to users with “x” days of inactivity. By default, 90 days.

  2. Email Subject: Set the subject of the email, emotional email subject is prefered. Examples: “We miss you!”, “Please come back!”, “Are we breaking up? ๐Ÿ’”” etc.

  3. Email Message: Set the email message.

Sample Email Message:

We havenโ€™t seen you in a while. Things are a lot different since the last time you logged into {site_name}. Iโ€™m {name}, CEO of {site_name}. I wanted to send you a note since you have been inactive for a while. You can come back and continue your awesome works at {site_name}.


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I hope you found this helpful!

Send an automatic email notification to “inactive” users of your WordPress site
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