Himalayan Bank recently updated its payment API to v2. The Himalayan Bank WordPress plugin version 1.x. doesn’t work anymore. Please update the plugin to v2 if you still have version 1.x on your site.

If you’re totally new, check out the documentation on accepting payments via Himalayan Bank.

IMPORTANT: The updated plugin is a beta version. It’s recommended to test thoroughly before using on production sites.


What’s new in v2?

While in version 1, the customers are redirected to Himalayan Bank to process the payment after checkout, v2 offers the Credit Card at checkout so customers can pay in real-time. 😮

Version 2 in fact has significant changes. All the codes are rewritten and the plugin is more secure.


== Changelog ==

= 2.0.2 - 12/18/2022 =
* Fix - Remove CC details from logs.
* Fix - Remove PHP 8.0 requirement, the plugin works on PHP 7.x as well.

= 2.0.1 - 12/17/2022 =
* Fix - Update payment status on success.

= 2.0.0 - 12/17/2022 =
* Update to new API
Introducing Himalayan Bank WooCommerce Plugin v2

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