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Composer v2 has significantly improved performance. It updates your packages faster, ignoring already installed packages.

If you’re still using composer v1.x – you have probably seen the warning message:

Warning from https://repo.packagist.org: Support for Composer 1 is deprecated and some packages will not be available. You should upgrade to Composer 2. See https://blog.packagist.com/deprecating-composer-1-support/

If you’re still procrastinating (like me 🙂 ) or just afraid in case anything breaks, – I feel you should just update now. if you faced any issues, tackle them later.

Updating the composer is just as easy as entering the command:

composer self-update --stable

You’ll pat yourself. 🙂

If you’re a command line freak like me, you might want to create your own custom WP-CLI commands

Upgrade your composer to v2, please.

Sanjeev Aryal

Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision into reality ~ Bob Marley.

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