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This type of error occurs in PHP 8 and higher. This means if you have a function and an optional parameter comes first and then the required param – this deprecation message triggers.

Example. Here $a is an optional parameter, but $b is a required parameter which means the required parameter follows optional parameter.

function abc( $a=2, $b ) {
    // Omitted for breivity.   

Why the warning?

because it doesn’t make sense. Does it? You can’t just call the function with a parameter $b without a parameter $a.


You should either make $a a required parameter or make $a the second parameter.

function abc( $b, $a=2 ) {
    // Omitted for breivity.   

or, if feasible.

function abc( $a, $b ) {
    // Omitted for breivity.   

The second option should work fine in most conditions. If it doesn’t – consider refactoring the callie.

Also, worth reading >> creation of dynamic property is deprecated since PHP 8.2

[Fix] deprecated: Required parameter follows optional parameter
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