By default, when you use @wordpress/scripts dependency to build scripts using:

"scripts": {
  "build": "wp-scripts build",
  "start": "wp-scripts start"

in package.json or if you’re just started with block and following the create a block tutorial, you’ll find it uses @wordpress/scripts.

With @wordpress/scripts, the files need to be in your-plugin/src directory and the build with the command npm run build will be generated in your-plugin/build folder.

The src folder basically contains index.js, edit.js, save.js, editor.scss, style.scss and build contains index.asset.php, index.css, index.js, style-index.css.

However, you might not want the same folder structure. That is the src and build folder to be in the plugin’s root directory.

How to customize src/build folders?

The default webpack.config bundled by @wordpress/scripts is setting these folders src/build as default. To customize the path of these folders or rename these folders, we’ll need the separate webpack.config.js file within the plugin’s root directory. So, your-plugin/webpack.config.js

 * External Dependencies
const path = require( 'path' );

 * WordPress Dependencies
const defaultConfig = require( '@wordpress/scripts/config/webpack.config.js' );

module.exports = {
    entry: {
        index: path.resolve( __dirname, 'assets/src', 'index.js' ),
    output: {
        path: path.resolve( __dirname, 'assets/build' ),

Using this webpack config, the src and build folders will move into assets/src and assets/build folder. After all, these are the assets.

So, the new paths would be: your-plugin/assets/src, and your-plugin/assets/build. Of course, you can rename the folder or change the folder path, just look at the entry and output section of the webpack config.

The easier way

If you only want to change the location of the src/ and /build directories, you can simply write that in package.json file without the need of webpack.config.js.

"scripts": {
    "build": "wp-scripts build assets/src/index.js --output-path=assets/build",

src/build folder customization for @wordpress/scripts
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