Hey?👋 Are you experiencing a slow response time while using checkout with the Himalayan Bank WooCommerce plugin? Then, here’s the fix:

Install php-gmp extension.

That’s all.

While the plugin still works without the PHP GMP Extension. Without it, the response time is approximately 45 seconds. With this extension installed, the response time is ~5 seconds. Note that though, it’s on clean WordPress and WooCommerce installation with the default WP theme.

How to install the php-gmp extension?

✅ The easiest way is to contact your web host provider and they’ll be able to do it.

If you’re a geek and want to do it yourself, here’s the command:

sudo apt-get install php-gmp

If you’re on Windows find the following line in your php.ini file


and remove ; In technical terms, uncomment it.

In case it helps, here’s Optimizing Performance in WooCommerce in general.

Slow checkout processing with Himalayan Bank WooCommerce Plugin?

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