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The WordPress plugin Internet Connection Alert! alert your website visitors when they lost their internet connection.  The plugin is easy for the setup. Install and activate the plugin. That’s it!



1) Go to your admin dashboard – and click on “Plugins” in the sidebar menu.

2) Then, click on the “Add New” button that’s at the top.

3) Search the ‘Internet Connection Alert!’ plugin in the search bar.

4. Install and activate the plugin.

Your Visitors will be alert on their lost internet connection and when the internet is restored.


This site uses the Internet Connection Alert!, so simply disconnect your device from the internet and see the plugin in action on the site.


  • Monitors ajax requests looking for failure
  • Confirms the connection status by requesting an image or fake resource
  • Automatically grabs ajax requests made while the connection is down and remakes them after the connection is restored.
  • Simple UI with beautiful themes


For advanced users, additional settings for the plugin can be found under Settings -> Internet Connection Status.

Check on load  Check the connection status immediately on page load.
Intercept Requests
Monitor AJAX requests to help decide if we have a connection.
Seconds should we wait before rechecking.
Seconds should we wait between retries.
Store and attempt to remake requests which fail while the connection is down.
Snake game while the connection is down to keep the user entertained.

I hope you found the article helpful!

Did you know? You can bring you lost customers back with the Come Back! WordPress plugin.

Alert Your Website Visitors About Their Lost Internet Connection
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