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Sublime (adjective): of very great excellence or beauty.

Sublime Text is a code editor, modernly called IDE. IDE is an application that packages the tools for writing, testing, and debugging software.

The preference of choosing the IDE is up to the developer. The project manager doesn’t care what IDE you’re using.

I’m writing my stories with Sublime text because last week, I switched from Sublime Text to VS Code. But, I’m still a loyal Sublime text user. I’ve been using a licensed version of Sublime text for about 5 years. Why I liked Sublime text against some modern IDEs like Atom, and VS Code is that it is light weight so it’s blazingly fast and secure in a sense that other IDEs tend to download packages and libraries in the background while you’re on your local machine. I didn’t want that. So, if you’ve low specs local machine and not so high-speed network connection, or you’re just starting as a developer, Sublime text is still the recommended code editor.

A Glimpse of the Sublime text. Tweeted on Nov 6, 2018.

The Sublime Text support team has been equally sublime. When Sublime text released version 4 – the Sublime Text V4, they included some great features. However, the blinking cursor was gone which was one of the fancy features I used to like. After the query, the support responded:

An interesting fact I learned, removing the blinking cursor reduced overall power usage. It saved ~1 watt of power.

Some of the shortcuts I mostly used:

  • CTRL + D – Select word & it’s other occurrences.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + UP/DOWN – Move line up/down.
  • ALT + SHIFT + 2 – Split viwe into two columns.
  • ALT + 1 – Open Terminal,
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V – Paste & Indent the contents.

I wish every IDE in the marketplace uses the same shortcuts to perform the automation.

~ me ‎😃

Some of the extensions I used:

  • LiveReload: A web browser page reloading plugin. You don’t want to reload the browser every time you change the code.
  • Terminal: A package to optimize the usage of the Sublime Text terminal features.
  • Search WordPress Codex: Let’s you search the WP Codex from within the Sublime Text editor.
  • Sublime Text WordPress: Collection of WordPress snippets to autocomplete.

My approximate Sublime Text usage statistics [For Nerds]:

  • 365854 – Minutes of time spent.
  • 182927 – Lines of codes written.
  • 21951240 – Cursor blinks.
  • 731708 – Cursor clicks.
  • 1318852 – Keyboard hits.

Thank you for reading! Thank you, Sublime Text. I’ll miss Sublime Text. 🌻

My Sublime Experience on Sublime Text! 🌻
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