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The easiest way to add a music player to your site is using the built-in block. The default Audio block allows you to add a piece of music or just any audio files right from the post or pages, right into the post, pages, or widgets. WordPress has full instructions on adding an audio block to your site.

For quick reference, I’ve embedded the video:

Adding an audio block in WordPress

The default Audio block is simple and minimalistic.

If you want to add a full-blown music player with your playlist on your site, install an All in One Music Player plugin on your site.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the plugin:
  2. Go to your site dashboard, Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  3. Upload the zip file of the plugin you just downloaded.

If you’re absolutely new to WordPress, here’s the beginner’s guide on installing the plugin.

Once the “All in One Music Player” is installed and activated, you can find the All in One Music Player block, similar to the Audio block.

Adding <em>All in One Music Player<em> block in WordPress

On the block, you can choose the Music Player you’d like to add to your site:

There are various music players available to choose from.

  1. Circular Spikes.
  2. APlayer.
  3. Flat Black.
  4. Blue Playlist.

I recommend choosing APlayer if you’re adding a playlist. If you’d like to add a single audio file, Circular Spikes can be a good choice. Do you have a new music player suggestion? let me know.

Note: The music player will automatically fetch all the media files found on your media library. If you haven’t already added audio files, add it from your media libary in your site’s dashboard.

Frontend View of APlayer:

APlayer in the frontend

I hope you found the tutorial helpful!

How to add a music player to your WordPress site?
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