The plugin Come Back! helps to bring your LOST customers back. They may not come back if the email sent to them is not well designed. Here’s how to do that:



  1. Copy the email template template.php from wp-content/plugins/come-back/src/Emails/templates/.
  2. In your theme, preferably child theme – create a folder come-back and paste this template there.

The structure will be: wp-content/themes/yourtheme/come-back/template.php

The email template will now be loaded from your theme. So, customize the HTML and style whatever you want.



Q. I want to only change the footer text?

A. In that case, you can use the code snippet:

add_filter( 'come_back_email_footer_text', function() {

       return 'We miss you!'

} );

I hope this helps!

Customize and style Come Back! email template
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