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Welcome to my plugin shop, where I offer a range of WordPress plugins, mostly for WooCommerce, designed to enhance your online store. Each plugin is crafted with care and available for purchase to help you streamline your e-commerce operations and boost your sales. Take a look around and see how these plugins can benefit your online business!

WP Frontend Delete Account PRO plugin

Gives the customers an option to delete their own accounts. The new “Delete Account” tab will automatically appear on the WooCommerce account page.

Price: $9 per year.
WooCommerce Customer Journey Plugin

Records every path of the customer throughout the visit until the order of the product. Know your customer’s path and focus on the performing blog.

Price: $9 per year.

WC Auto Delete Old Orders plugin

WordPress plugin to automatically cleans up old orders. A simple, set and forget WordPress plugin with no bloat whatsoever

WPForce Logout PRO plugin

WordPress plugin to forcefully logout user(s). See who’s online, last login time, idle users logout, session expiration and more.


Check all my free plugins at WordPress .org repository.